New chapter of Dark Reflections: Chaos starts tomorrow!

We’ve also added in the entirety of the original pages including alternate versions of some pages of a more adult nature that previously haven’t been hosted by an Exiern website.

At least not for a very long time if they were. Either way, you can now read the whole story on just the one site.

We’re going to be following the lead of Spying With Lana by starting each new chapter with a cover the day before the first story page from now on.

We wanted to base this page on the video covers of the 80s that we used to see on the shelves in our local video stores back when that was a thing and Fist of the North Star was the obvious choice.

That’s because as Typh’s name as we know means “He who hunts by the piercing light of the Northern ice stars”.

And the fist … well that’s self-evident and well earned, Faden had it coming! Maybe we’ll find out what happened to him after that in this timeline one day.

Primary image by Studio Katsumi and additional titling and captions by Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana as it happens.

We hope to see you again tomorrow for the first page of the new chapter!