Well, even though this story in this timeline should hopefully be able to stand on its own, I imagine the full impact of this reveal would be only readily be apparent to those people familiar with the original Exiern and how the arc of the character being greeted here has played out to date over there.

Basically, the genesis of this version of Dark Reflections came about because there’s some variances between Typh in the original Exiern and the equivalent character in the first 44 pages of Dark Reflections which open up a whole new world of potential outcomes.

Just by taking that character with their differences and imagining how so many events in Exiern would have played out with them instead, Chaos has practically been writing itself ever since as we’ll continue to see more of this in the pages ahead.

So on top of the previous continuation of Dark Reflections (which is also still ongoing) which we now call Dark Reflections: Zen, we also wanted to give this potential version a run as well. Are they connected with each other as well? Only time will tell!

I hope you’ll continue to join us and even comment on how successfully we’re creating Chaos!

Art by Studio Katsumi

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